Authors of the best presentations will be rewarded as follows:

  • 1st Place - participation in a chosen European ESTRO 2019 Course (fee, travel, and accommodation)
  • 2nd Place - particiaption in a chosen European oncology conference (fee, travel, and accommodation)
  • 3rd Place - annual subscription of  Reports of Practical Oncology and Radiotherapy Journal


Winners 2018:

1st Place: Mateusz Spałek "Preoperative hypofractionated radiotherapy with sequential chemotherapy in primary marginally unresectable or marginally resectable high grade soft tissue sarcomas of extremities or trunk wall: an interim analysis of prospective phase II clinical trial" (Centrum Onkologii Warszawa)

2nd Place: Igor Piotrowski "Surgical wound fluids collected from breast cancer patients increase migration of cancer cells, however this effect is impaired by intraoperative radiotherapy through radiation-induced bystander effect" (Wielkopolskie Centrum Onkologii Poznań)

3rd Place: Theresa Suckert "Development of a preclinical model to investigate radiation effects after proton brain irradiation" (OncoRay Dresden)

Best poster: Agnieszka Sobecka "Micro RNA hsa-miR-6510-3p: potential tumor suppressor in head and neck cancer"  (Wielkopolskie Centrum Onkologii Poznań)


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