Structure of Department

The Department of Brachytherapy is a distinct unit of Greatpoland Cancer Center, with working laboratories, such as:
- Laboratory of Tumours Brachytherapy,
- Laboratory of Treatment Planning and Dosimetry in Brachytherapy (under the supervision of Medical Physics Department),
- Endoscopy Laboratory,
- Hyperthermia Laboratory,
- Permanent Implants Laboratory,
- Brachytherapy Clinic.
Brachytherapy of gynecologic tumors is an integral part of associative treatment, performed on The Department of Radiotherapy and Gynaecological Oncology.
Laboratory of Treatment Planning and Dosimetry in Brachytherapy is an integral part of the Medical Physics Department. The tasks are:
- participating in the treatment planning of patients from The Department of Brachytherapy and The Department of Radiotherapy and Gynaecological Oncology,
- verification of treatment plans, participating in internal audit,
- dosimetric control of radiation sources (verification of activity), periodic control tests of devices that enable to maintain high quality of treatment.
Hyperthermia Laboratory. The tasks are:
- interstitial hyperthermia of breast cancer, head and neck cancers, skin cancers. Treatment is associated with Brachytherapy,
- superficial hyperthermia of breast, head and neck cancers, skin (including melanoma) and sarcomas; metastases into lymph nodes. Treatment is associated with external beam radiotherapy or Brachytherapy, sometimes with chemotherapy,
- scientific research to formulate the concepts of the use of hyperthermia.
Endoscopy Laboratory. The tasks are:
- diagnostic bronchoscopy along with a collection of samples for cytological, histopathological, and bacteriological investigations,
- therapeutic bronchoscopy associated with placing applicators for endoluminal Brachytherapy of lung and trachea cancers,
- therapeutic bronchoscopy associated with laser therapy,
- bronchoscopic control check-ups of post-brachytherapy patients.
Brachytherapy Clinic. The tasks are:
- consultation and qualification for a brachytherapy treatment; the start of the documentation of a patient with suggestions given, regarding future treatment,
- post-treatment control of patients (with documentation),
- subjective and objective investigation of a first-time-coming patient,
- issuing medical opinion and expertise about patient health, that are necessary in process of treatment,
- referring a patient for a consultation to a hospital, to a sanatorium,
- directing a patient for a laboratory investigation, radiological examination (x-ray, CT, NMR, USG, scintigraphy, etc.)
- ambulant procedures (dressing of wounds, injections, etc).
At present in Greatpoland Cancer Center we are using 4 devices for Brachytherapy treatment, which are:
- 2 microSelectrons HDR (High Dose Rate),
- microSelectron PDR (Pulsed Dose Rate)


The Department is in possession of modern technology devices, such as:
- computer software for treatment planning - PLATO, Oncentra Masterplan, Anatomy Modelling,
- a device for radiological verification (PHILIPS ENDURA),
- 2 systems of planning (“real-time”) SWIFT for brachytherapy of prostate cancer.
- SPOT software for permanent implant treatment.
These modern appliances for prostate cancer HDR brachytherapy (SWIFT system of Nucletron®) allows - at the same time - implantation of the needles into the prostate, enables preparing a treatment plan and then irradiating a patient. This all happens during one procedure, that’s why its called “the real-time system”, a system to plan and treat at present time.
The Department, one out of three Centers in Poland, uses the modern device of BSD Medical® for cancer interstitial and superficial hyperthermia. This type of treatment is associated with brachytherapy in the treatment of breast, head&neck cancers, skin cancers, sarcomas, gynecological cancers.

This type of equipment meets perfectly well the standard of the best European Cancer Centers.