Greater Poland Cancer Registry


Statistical studies for the purposes of public statistics are performed in Poland under the Public Statistics Act of 29 June 1995 (Journal of Laws from 1995, no. 88 item 439 as amended), whereas details concerning the operation of cancer registries are specified by the Health Care Information System Act of 28 April 2011 (Journal of Laws from 2015, item 636, as amended) and implementing acts issued by competent government authorities.

22 June 2018 marked the entry into force of the Ministry of Health regulation on the National Cancer Registry of 14 June 2018 (Journal of Laws from 2018, item 1197), which specified, inter alia, the scope and types of identifiers to be processed by cancer registries.

A cancer registry collects data based on Cancer Notification Forms (CNFs). Details regarding the layout of the form, ways and dates of its submission Statistical study programme for purposes of public statistics, established annually by Council of Ministers regulation.

Pursuant to the above regulation, the Greater Poland Cancer Registry shall forward, by 30 June of a given year, data collected in Greater Poland based on Cancer Notification Forms to the National Cancer Registry (seated at the Warsaw Oncology Centre), for verification and inclusion into the annual national report (available at Data published by provincial registries may differ from those published in the NCR bulletin, as registries update their data on an on-going basis.
For more information on public statistics seethe Central Statistical Office (GUS) website - GUS Statistical Study Programme.